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The best tires at a great price, that’s what you can expect at Gananoque Chevrolet. We stock the best tire brands in the industry, and are consistently making sure our prices are lower than our competitors. If you find the tires you bought from us for a better price from a competitor, we’ll refund the difference if it’s within 30 days of purchase. Finding your next tires, wheels or complete packages has never been easier either, all thanks to our Tire Finder shopping tool. Find tires for any vehicle, then arrange purchase and installation from our service team.

Winter vs. All Season vs. Summer Tires

It may be pretty obvious to say that tires are important, but even more so is the type of tire on your vehicle for the given season. Running one set of tires year-round may sound enticing, but you’re severely affecting the safe operation of your vehicle, as well as its performance potential. Especially living in a province like Ontario that sees a wide range of weather, from blistering hot days to white-out blizzards, the right tires on your vehicle are a must.

All-Season Tires:

Their name sounds like they’re the perfect option for year-round use, but really they just provide passable performance in a variety of conditions, and aren’t up to the standard of a summer or winter tires for their specific needs.

Summer Tires:

These tires feature a wide tread to provide stability on the road, and specialized rubber that stands up to the intense heat of those summer months, so it won’t break down when subjected to intense asphalt temperatures.

Winter Tires:

Snow, ice and a lack of direct pavement means your tires in the winter need specialized treads and patterns to maintain traction and control. As well, its unique rubber compounds stay soft to easily adapt to the elements, without breaking down.

Tire Storage

Tires are deceptively big, and once removed from your vehicle need a spacious area to stay until you need them again. If you don’t have space in your garage, shed, or don’t even have any of those storage areas to begin with, we’ll gladly help you out with our storage facility. Our storage area is climate-controlled, and only costs you $44.95 to have them stored with us. If you’re a senior or part of the military, ask us about our discounts.




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