Reserve Your Vehicle at Gananoque Chevrolet

Buying or reserving your next vehicle should be easy, and at Gananoque Chevrolet it is. We provide many different options on how to shop for your next vehicle, and encourage you to choose whichever is easiest for you. A VIP consultation professional will happily walk you through the entire process if you’ve been frustrated trying to find the right vehicle in this time of limited inventory. For those who love to shop at home, we’ve made that process as convenient as ever through our Shop. Click. Drive tool. Trust that with us at Gananoque Chevrolet, we’ll help you find your next dream vehicle.

We’ll Help You Shop for Your Next Vehicle!

It can be frustrating trying to shop for a new vehicle, whether you just can’t find that perfect model you’ve been dreaming of, because there’s not much inventory to shop from, or the process just seems too daunting. We’ve been in business for over 45 years, so we understand this all, and can help you! We like to consider this section of our website as our Customer Purchase Portal, where you can get a VIP consultation from one of our seasoned sales professionals, who will walk you through the entire process of selecting a vehicle, purchasing it and organizing its reservation. It’s a simple process that just starts with you reaching out to us, however you’d like.

Shop. Click. Drive.

It really is simple to buy your next vehicle from home, truly as easy as Shop. Click. Drive. Our new GM initiative provides you with a simple tool where you can select your next vehicle (complete with trim, accessories, warranty, etc.), make the deal then receive the delivery. Your next Chevrolet, Buick or GMC is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Select Your Vehicle

Find a model in our inventory (along with add-ons)

Create Your Deal

Develop a finance or leasing options that work for you If you have a trade in, estimate its value toward the purchase

Schedule Delivery

Either get your vehicle delivered to you, or pick it up at our dealership

Book a Sales Appointment

No matter how you intend to shop with us, we’re here to support you. The first step is the easiest one, reaching out to us through phone, by message or in person. We’ve made the process simple and convenient for you, so fill out the form below and get in touch with us, today.