Get Your Next Car at Gananoque Chevrolet

At Gananoque Chevrolet, we’re here for more than just helping you find your next vehicle. If you’ve had credit trouble in the past, and aren’t sure if you can even afford another vehicle, we will help set you on a path to improve your financial health, so you’ll be well-equipped to afford a vehicle that actually works within your budget. Other dealerships may try to get you into any vehicle they can, not at Gananoque Chevrolet, we want you to regain your financial independence. Every step-of-the-way, we’ll help you get your next car, one that you can both enjoy and confidently afford.

Upgrade Your Car & Credit

Many typical dealers are just looking to force you into a vehicle, one that you most likely won’t be able to afford over the long-term. Here at Gananoque Chevrolet, we’re interested in education and assisting you with tips on how to upgrade your credit before you’re able to upgrade into a vehicle, and one that fits your budget. The number one goal for us is to provide you with vehicle ownership that you can feel confident in, from the actual vehicle you’re driving to the financing terms, to how it affects your overall credit situation. Work with us and let our dealership help both your credit and next vehicle purchase.

Get Financing

Subprime Auto Loan Assistance

There may be many reasons someone may need subprime auto loan assistance, but none of them are anything to be ashamed of, we all experience hardships that may affect our credit. At Gannaonque Cherolet, we want to help you out of that bad credit situation, whether from collections, bankruptcy, divorce, you’re a first-time buyer or others, we have a long history of helping those out through a variety of situations. All we require from you is a valid driver’s license and a minimum $1,800 monthly income.

Credit Re-Establishment

You may be wondering how we actually help you reestablish your credit, and while it may not be an immediate process, it is definitely straightforward.

Apply for Vehicle Financing

This will allow our credit specialists to submit your application to lenders, see what you’re able to receive, and be able to work and educate you on the terms you may be able to get (or not), and why.





Meet with Our Team

A member of our staff will go over your credit report with you, answer any questions you may have, and suggest both vehicle and financing options that work for your situation.





Select a Vehicle

In accordance with what your financing options allow, find a vehicle that works for you and we’ll help you implement your financial plan.





Utilizing our Tips & Techniques

When your vehicle is delivered, our credit specialist will review all of your financing and credit info, providing you with the necessary information and knowledge on how to move forward to rebuild your credit and thus set you up better for future purchases.





Contact Us

We care about making sure you not only get the right vehicle for you, but that you’re financially stable as well, with the best loans and rates available. Our Gananoque Chevrolet team specializes in helping those with poor credit backgrounds get approved, and improve into the future. Contact us, today, to get started.