Why buy winter tires?

By: Dale Sheppard, Marketing Coordinator

If you asked me last week “Why should I buy winter tires?” My answer would have been “because you’re supposed to!”

Every winter like clockwork, I always make an appointment to get my winter tires put on. I never questioned why, I just did it. I knew there was a benefit to having winter tires and always knew that safety was involved, but that was the extent of my knowledge. I found it very helpful when I recently read an article about the science of winter tires. It was a short read packed with information on impact speed, rubber compound, temperature and wet roads. If you have a free moment and want to learn more about what winter tires can do for you click here

My desk at work is next to our service department and at this time of year the phones are ringing off the hook with requests to book in tire changes. You can call our service department at 613-382-8500 or easily book online with our online appointment system.

If you need to purchase new winter tires for this season you may want to take advantage of the promotion that GM has right now with our Scotiabank VISA. Apply for a Scotiabank Visa and receive an instant $150 discount on your purchase of 4 tires.