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Our Used Car Manager helping a customer find a car.

How Do You Reserve a Vehicle at Gananoque Chev?

Gananoque Chev, and the rest of the automotive industry in general, has been required to change the way we approach almost every element of our operations. That also goes for how our dealership has dealt with the inventory shortages that continue to present challenges everyone needs to overcome. The expert team working at Gananoque Chev has devised an easy and convenient process to help buyers find the new or pre-owned vehicle they want to take home. So, how do you reserve a vehicle at Gananoque Chev? It all starts and ends with our unique VIP experience. Let’s take a look at how our reservation process works.

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What is the Gananoque Chev VIP Experience?

Our team has revised and reinvented the dealership’s VIP process into a few easy-to-follow steps. The first thing a customer will need to do is contact the Gananoque Chev showroom and make a VIP vehicle purchase appointment. Once you arrive for your appointment, our expert team will walk you through the rest of the process, which includes the following steps.

What Happens at a VIP Appointment?

When you arrive at our showroom for your VIP appointment, your product expert will start a discussion that is designed to draw out exactly what you’re looking for in a vehicle. This conversation will be most effective if you do a little preparation before the appointment by considering:

  • How many seats you’ll need
  • Will towing capacity be important
  • How important is fuel economy to your decision

Basically, you should have at least a rough idea of what you need in a vehicle platform. There might be something in the building that could work, we might be able to find one for you, or we can help you order one directly from the manufacturer. Additionally, production numbers are getting closer to levels we’re used to seeing. If you know what you’re looking for, we might be able to reserve a vehicle for you that is in the pipeline to be delivered to the showroom in the near future.

When Do We Talk About Financing?

Let’s assume that we’ve found the perfect vehicle for you to take home, and it’s currently on the ground at the dealership. This is the point where we’ll need to discuss financing and whether you’ll be buying or leasing. Our team will again be more than happy to go over the pros and cons of all options. You also have the option of working with our financing team if you haven’t secured it on your own.

If the vehicle you want needs to be reserved before it arrives, our team will complete that process and review the pricing structure, and possible deposit required. Finally, our team will contact you via your preferred method to let you know when the vehicle is delivered.

No two customers will have the same circumstances and will almost certainly have different needs. Don’t worry. Our team can help you find an affordable, safe and reliable vehicle, today. If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out.