Conversations with Kids About Cars
Written by: Dale Sheppard, Marketing Coordinator

On a sunny day in August our Operations Manager, Mike Kellam, went for lunch with a customer and his daughter. During lunch our customers daughter looked right at Mike and said “When I’m older I’m going to buy my car from Gan Chev!”

This little comment from a 10 year old sparked a conversation with Mike and I about kids, their opinions and radio. For a few weeks leading up to this we had been talking about revamping our radio presence. Most of you know who we are, you know we are a car dealership, you know we sell cars, we don’t need to tell you that over and over again every time you turn on the radio! Most car commercials tell you about all the great deals you can get, you don’t want to miss out, act now! We want to be different, we want to be on the radio, supporting our local stations and getting our name out to all of you, but we want to stand out from the other guys. This is how Conversations with Kids About Cars was born.

On a Tuesday afternoon in August we invited 5 kids down to the dealership for a boardroom meeting. We did not know what to expect, but we wanted to try. Our hope was that these kids would say some funny comments about cars and we would end up with a commercial or 2. We could not have predicted that it would go this well! The kids were ages 3 to 10 and we had no scripts or planned questions. We teamed up with our friends at 99.9MYFM and recorded 40 minutes of conversation with these kids.

In the end we were so lucky to end up with a commercial series of 1 introductory commercial and 8 – 30 second “episodes”. You will hear these episodes on all of the radio stations we advertise with and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.