Accessorize Your Vehicle at Gananoque Chevrolet

Every GM vehicle is special on its own, but add that little bit of extra personal flair, utility, convenience, safety and more with any of our GM certified accessories. Our accessories are designed, built and tested to provide the best fit and finish with your Chevrolet, Buick or GMC. Our Gananoque Chevrolet online hub for accessories easily lets you shop, or order, directly from this page. Read on and discover our top recommendations and how to save on your next accessories.

Genuine GM Accessories

If you want to upgrade or personalize your Chevrolet, Buick or GMC, your vehicle only deserves the best. Genuine GM accessories, that is, OEM-manufactured accessories that were made to specifically fit with your vehicle, and tested to hold up long into the future. Whether that be roof racks, tablet holders, cargo liners, styling accents or more, you can find a complete selection of genuine GM accessories here at Gananoque Chevrolet. Shop accessories through our Accessible Accessories tool below, give us a call, or shop in person.



Top 5 Recommended Accessories for Your Vehicle

Some people are experts when it comes to personalizing and accessoring their vehicles, while others may want to go down that path but may not know what’s truly available, or what the best accessories are to get. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 most popular accessories our customer’s love to outfit their vehicles with, to give you a little inspiration.

Floor liners:

Protect your prized vehicle from dirt, mud, grime and snow that you may track in.

Tonneau covers:

Protect the bed of your pickup with these aerodynamic covers.

Running boards:

Make your truck easier to get in and out of with these convenient running boards.

Mud guards:

Protect your vehicle from mud, dirt, scratches and dings with these protective guards.

Appearance Customisation:

Make your vehicle stick out from the pack with a unique look.

Get Your Accessories at Sale & Save!

While purchasing accessories for your vehicle after your initial purchase is what most people may think about when it comes to them, few people realize the financial benefits you receive if you buy them at purchase. By purchasing accessories at the same time as your vehicle, you can actually include those within the financing of the vehicle, allowing you to pay them off and enjoy savings with them coupled together. Outfit your vehicle from the outset, and save, so make sure to talk to your sales representative and let them know when the time comes.



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